Micro-Media: Sniffin’ Glue

Sniffin’ Glue (And Other Rock ‘n’ Roll Habits) is a monthly english fanzine created by Mark Perry (a fan of Punk music) in July 1976. At the beginning it was just 50 copies but one year after it was 15000. This fanzine spoke about the punk music bands before they recorded CD. It was a reference for the punk world.

Mark Perry stopped the production of the fanzine one year after because some magazines were interested by its and Mark Perry did not want to be swallowed up by a magazine.

This fanzine was for the punk audience.

« Sniffin’ Glue was not so much badly written as barely written; grammar was non-existent, layout was haphazard, headlines were usually just written in felt tip, swearwords were often used in lieu of a reasoned argument. . .all of which gave Sniffin’ Glue its urgency and relevance. »

(Sniffin’ Glue by Mark Perry)

Sniffin' Glue Sniffin' Glue Sniffin' Glue

Examples of Sniffin’ Glue.

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