Fan culture

Today, I am going to speak about fan culture. Does everybody know what is it??

Ok, I sum up quickly what it is:

Subcultures depended of the the family background, the work, the money….

today in what we called the post-subcultures, young people identify themselves through their consumer sensibilities. They express and share them mainly with the new technologies.

Before people can share the same sensibilities/tastes like music, fashion but today with TV and Internet they can be fan of TV series, movies…

The possibilities to create and share are more important, for exemple they can write a story based on a novel and publish it on Internet before this story would be publish in a drawer.

And with this possibility of share and find people who have the same passion, you can see appear new fan group! and they create their own vocabulary!

for example if I tell you that the following story is a « fics » in a « AU » there is a « slash » and a « self-insert »

translation: this story is very serious and could be integrated in a real work, it takes place in an Alternative « Universe », there is a sexual relation between two men and the author appears near the character of the original work.

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