Copyright vs copyleft

What is the difference between copyrigth and copyleft ?

The first notion of copyright appeared in 1710 in United Kingdom because of the invention of the first printing which allows the copy in mass of book. Then, the notion of copyright evolves with the technology (photography, tapes…)

The copyleft appears in the same context, with Internet and the networks informations circulates quickly. Richard Stallman used this notion in 1984 when he lauched the GNU ( « GNU’s Not UNIX »). It is a operating system created for free softwares. The aim of copyleft is to favour the circulation of ideas and information freely.

The copyright protects the private intellectual property and the copyleft is based on the liberty of the users.

Do we have to let people use for free the work of the other? It is a big discussion. In France the government tried to publish law to limit for example the illegal downloading of music, films… but the population is not agree because the government wants to cut the Internet connection of a person after three warnings but  in certain case « hackers » use the connection of other people and it is impossible to track them down. In France, the law for the protection of the intellectual property on Internet is called HADOPI.

In the book The Pirates Dilemma, we can understand that during the evolution of technology and societies, piracy was everywhere and sometimes helped the improving of technologies, the spread of cultures, ideas. Pirates invents solutions which are more adapted to people. The book speaks about the pirate radio Caroline, the first broadcasting radio of Dj Fezzy.

Between 1969 and 1981, France knew the phenomena of pirate radio. Only the radio of the state were allowed. So people who wanted to broadcast in France went in Luxembourg, Germany, Belgium. It is the case of Europe 1 which was established in Saarland, a German state in border of France. it is one of the rare pirate radio which still exists. This radio is now in Paris. Other pirates radio were Radio Verte, Radio Ivre, Radio Active and Radio Lorraine Coeur d’Acier, Radio Continental… But most of them disappear or were bankrupt after the legalization of private radios and the election of François Mitterand.

According to me, it is very interesting to have a historical point of view of the evolution of technologies and the impact of piracy on this evolution. The Pirates Dilemma asks the following question: Do we have to stop piracy or drew our inspiration in?

We are in a new society were sharing and collaboration are very important. Today, people are implicated in the process of creation of a product…

In France to limit the illegal dowloading of music, some people have had a interesting idea. To promote and creat a CD of a new singer, they propose to Internet user to vote for the singer they prefer and participate to the funding of the album. They can give 10 euros or much more. After they ear money according the selling of the album. This enterprise is called My major company and they have already two famous singers who succeed to sell album: Grégoire and Joyce Jonathan.

Below: the logo of the Major Company and the diagram of the sharing of profit between the company, the singer and the Internet users.

mu major company logodiagram my major company

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